Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?


There comes a time in a parents’ life when they have to decide if this is the year their kids will start preschool. Many children will complete two or even three years of preschool, whereas others might just have one year of preschool before transitioning into kindergarten.

Whether your child is two-years-old or five, one of the most important things to consider is whether they are physically and emotionally ready for preschool.

This is a hard thing to consider, and frankly, there is no firm divide between “ready” and “not ready” for preschool. A child may have highly developed motor skills but lack communication skills, whereas another might be able to write their name before they are potty trained.

Every child is different, and the best way to find out if your little one is ready for preschool us to get in touch with our Paramus daycare & preschool and set up a consultation! Otherwise, keep reading below to learn a few ways to tell if your child might be ready for preschool.

How our Paramus daycare & preschool work

In general, our classroom is broken up by age. Our classrooms are usually divided by age, but occasionally three-year-olds will be placed with four-year-olds, or we might place four-year and five-year-olds together if it makes sense for the developmental stage they are at. While inside the classroom, we use the information gathered from our initial screening process to instruct how we teach your unique child. As they continue to learn and mature, we will adjust our strategies as necessary to ensure your child is being empowered and challenged while remaining comfortable.

What Children Learn At Our Educational Preschool

All of our classrooms, regardless of age, are taught with a curriculum that focuses on four factors: physical development, social and emotional development, thinking and intellectual development, and communication and language development.

Why Does A Child Need To Be “Ready” For Preschool

We want all children to love school. If preschool is a frustrating experience for them, they might not love kindergarten, and hard time in kindergarten can lead to falling behind in first grade, and so forth. Children who aren’t developmentally ready for a full-day of learning, playing, and socializing might do better in a less structured daycare environment where they can continue to grow.

Your Child May Be Ready For Preschool If…

– They are potty trained

– They have low levels of separation anxiety

– They are independent

– They can follow directions

– They can go-go-go (almost) all-day

– They are curious and explorative

– They like socializing

– They have an attention span

Choose Jumpin’ Jax As Your Paramus Daycare & Preschool

At Jumpin’ Jax, we really take the “school” part of preschool seriously. While our classrooms are full of fun and adventure, we also ensure our students learn something every day. Our students learn about everything from their ABCs and 123s to social studies and science, all at an age-appropriate level.

If you’re looking for an educational daycare and preschool in Paramus, New Jersey, we would love to speak with you!